One Call to You and the Mist Cleared

Roy rang out of the blue. He was a former client. His circumstances had meant that for some years now he had had no need of an accountant in UK.

He was selling his holiday property in Florida. For technical reasons to do with the rules of inheritance in Florida, the property was owned indirectly by him through a UK holding company.

What did this mean in practice now that the property was being sold?

He had been struggling with this conundrum for age.  Following my conversation with him, he was able to speak to his financial adviser, and suggest what might be the easiest route (not mentioning me, of course) and the financial adviser immediately said that might be the best way of handling things. I referred him to a third party, who had an instrumental part to play in organising things. Roy had had a letter from him too, who said that Roy could complete the process while in America, which satisified another of Roy’s concerns.

Roy wrote:

“I am just writing to thank you again for your advice yesterday which, as usual, was spot on. One call to you and the mist cleared. I am very grateful and wish you every success with your new project in the Meon Valley in Hampshire.”