Not discriminating

You might have thought that the principal objective of the Chartered Institute of Taxation would be:

How to help stop rich people having to pay tax

Two articles in this month’s edition of Tax Adviser illustrate the wider responsibilities that my Institute carries towards the society within which it operates, and the deep-rooted sense of ethics of its members.

The first, by the deputy president of the Association of Taxation Technicians, reminds us that you do not have to have a different colour skin to find yourself part of a ferociously divided society,

Tax Adviser – ATT Welcome September 2020 – 2020-09-01

and the second deals frankly with the everyday discrimination widely found in professional firms of all shapes and sizes up and down the country.

To quote the author, Georgiana Head:

Institutional racism exists in Britain; we may think it doesn’t but it does. We may think we are different from the US, more liberal and more understanding but we still have unconscious bias. If you don’t think this is true, have a look at the accountancy firm, law firm or company that you work in. Think about the most senior tier of people in your company. How many of them are male? How many are over six feet tall? How many are white British?

Tax Adviser – We must all be aware – 2020-09-01