Keep a sense of humour with PAYE gobblydegook

Keep a sense of humour with PAYE gobblydegook

One of the clients of Nicholas Ridge CTA is a freelance journalist.

She received and forwarded onto Nicholas Ridge CTA three PAYE coding notices with the comment that someone at HMRC had a real bee in their bonnet about her tax code.

PAYE offices are notorious for tinkering with people’s tax codes, often with deleterious effect rather than with benefit. As Helplines are often engaged for long periods of time, and there are delays in PAYE offices dealing with mail, Nicholas Ridge CTA advised her that speaking to her PAYE office direct would be the best way to tackle it.

Some weeks later, she reported back. Well, yes and no, she said, she had had some luck with the tax office. She had a new tax code which was still not right, and was waiting for her fifth tax code in as many weeks to arrive at any moment.

Despite the PAYE system being a very frustrating one to deal with especially when HMRC staff claim that it is there to help you, she managed to keep a sense of humour.

What she found the most amusing was the gobblydegook they speak – after many years as a journalist, she thought she had heard most things but no, this was a new breed of twaddle. Even after asking them to explain three times it still didn’t make sense. Ah well.