E U Reform, Written to The Times

From the European perspective, will Juncker come to be regarded as the architect of Britain’s withdrawal from EU? Is it thanks to his officials that British voters were ultimately confronted with the choice between shutting up; or pushing off? Will his fate be the same as others struck with hubris?

Reform within the EU will only be effected at the cost of jobs and perks in Brussels and Strasbourg, for which the Commission and European Parliament unsurprisingly has little support.

Interestingly, in a interview with Radio 4 following the Brexit vote, Margrethe Vestager the European Competition Commissioner stated that the EU had already measures in hand to reduce interference with Member States’ affairs: as an illustration, she stated that the Parliament was complaining that they did not have enough to do, and were asking the Commission to create new rules and laws, for them to deliberate over.

Why not just sack some, you may wonder.